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A combination of a sharp mind, huge experience and a practical hands on approach: great to work with... An excellent individual with a highly business-focused and pragmatic attitude... Dedicated to developing strong individual and teamwork relationships, proactive, with unique international theatre know-how and global experience.

Julia Holden - Trevisan & Cuonzo (International Trademark Lawyers) Milan

"Guy Masterson is one of those rare people whose immense skill and talent are less important to him than his desire to share those gifts with us."

John Ritchie - Editor in Chief -

At first I thought it unusual to engage a famous director/actor/ producer to guide our team in leadership skills; however, after working with Guy I was impressed with how he used his own personal theatrical and life experiences as examples in how to handle difficult situations that we all face in normal life. Guy was creative and developed role play scenarios where each member of a team was assigned a  role with directions on a specific approach to take to deal with a difficult situation. In the role play scenario the two “actors” had different motivations on how to resolve a complex issue. Through Guy’s direction, the scenario was played out with four different leadership styles. The wonderful thing about Guy’s approach is that not only did each member of the team learn how different approaches lead to different levels of success in resolving the issues, the members actually had the chance to feel the emotions brought on by the different approaches. The feedback we received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive!

Kay Rickleman - Foreign Counsel - Spoor & Fisher, Pretoria, South Africa
Empowerment Techniques Workshop - INTA (International Trademark Association) Bootcamp 2021

Guy Masterson has a brilliant and sensible approach to tutoring that includes a meticulous line by line critique of the complete manuscript.  Masterson’s decades of experience as an award-winning performer, playwright and producer, allows him to provide beneficial, concrete suggestions on craft from the point of view of all three professions.

In my experience with Masterson he focused attention on trimming my manuscript to reveal more of the underlying essential drama; this is only one of the methods he employs with less experienced playwrights that yields beneficial results. But for playwrights at all levels, Masterson provides insightful and candid guidance in clear, simple, doable steps. The result is the work remains authentic to the author’s artistic intent yet expands into a stage-worthy play.

Genara Cristina Necos - Playwright - The Paris Husband. NYC

I cannot recommend the dramaturgy and editing services Guy offers highly enough. In 2021, he helped tighten the screws on my first full-length stage play called "now what?" ... Guy's insight and expertise helped me access the story I was after as well as fix some of the mechanics of the script which were getting in the way. A total pro whose interest, intuition, and ability to identify your blind spots encourages confidence and tenacity in you, as a writer too.

Niall James Holohan - Playwright - Now What? Dublin - Dramaturgy

Working with Guy was transformative for me. It takes a special kind of person, to help you see yourself clearly and draw the best from you; and Guy is all that and more. He took someone who was courageous, although uncertain and unskilled, and encouraged me to drop my fear and experiment so I could discover my talents and shine on stage. It was a space of play, laughter and joy but also of hard work and discipline. The result; a steadfast self-belief in myself and my writing and a presence on stage, which if the review are to be believed, captivated and charmed. After working with Guy, I took my one-woman show on tour around the UK, for several years. Without him, this would never have happened and I would have missed out on some of the happiest years of my life. Thank- you Guy. You helped make a dream come true.

Clari Whitefield, Poet, Writer & Storyteller - Chopping Chillies - London

Guy ran a superb event about his long-running and highly successful, one person play of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. He held students in his thrall as he discussed his work and Orwell's thought. There were also superb moments of epiphany as this very gifted actor suddenly morphed into some of Orwell's characters in Animal Farm.  Notwithstanding there was no lighting, a set, costumes or props - just a bare lecture hall - Guy proved he is the living embodiment of a kind of theatre that depends on the performer's charisma, physicality and well honed techniques.

Margaret Rose - Book City Milan - Physical Theatre Workshop - 2018

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