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The Guy Masterson Method...

is a unique approach to Confidence and Charisma in the Boardroom, the Office ... and Life ...

A series of personally tailored techniques that will improve your approach to your work and your life.
Personality, Individuality, Authenticity ... Unleash your charisma!

The Method


Developed from Life...

With over 40 years experience as a theatre producer, director, actor, writer, executive coach and mentor, along with corporate management and company ownership, Guy Masterson has formulated a unique approach achieving or enhancing Self-Confidence - enabling people to realise their potential... From achieving the best possible communication skills, to leadership and empowerment, Guy Masterson's bespoke methods will guarantee effective results.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring


Leading by example through total confidence.
Leadership is an art-form... as is maximising personal potential and efficiency. Guy Masterson will coach and mentor you to achieve your best without overworking and over-stressing staying on point and focused. 



Cut through the piffle!
Keynoting and Pitching can be daunting necessities for business leaders and bosses. Often the key messages can get bogged down in jargon, tek-speak, and clouded by nerves and misplaced jokes... Guy Masterson can help you get right to the point with humour and charisma, coach you to trust yourself, relax, and ensure your message hits the bullseye.

Public Speaking


Overcome your fear...
Release your power and your personality and engage your audience with confidence and charisma. Guy Masterson will create one-to-one, bespoke programmes that will turn you into the communicator you never believed you could be!

Copy & Speechwriting

Sharpen your message!
All public speaking starts with the words. Guy Masterson can help you focus your core message, infuse it with humour and authenticity and enable you to engage your audience with authority and charm.


Perfect job but a weak interviewee?
Do you get nervous and lose your train of thought? Does your body language give the game away? Do you struggle to convey your capabilities authentically? Guy Masterson can help you calm your nerves, focus your mind, and trust your body so that you will exude confidence and capability.


Are you uncertain? About Anything?
For many, Low Self-Esteem is a way of life, but it doesn't need to be. You can change this. Guy Masterson can help you identify the issues in your life that give you pause... and coach you on a path of encouragement that will defeat all your demons, and live the life you've always dreamed of.

Team Building & Empowerment

Get the best out of your team.
Building a team is not just about your team's individual capabilities... it is about deployment, tactics, and management of personal ambition and chemistry. Guy Masterson will arm you with techniques for recruiting appropriately, understanding your team's goals and requirements, maximising efficiency and conflict resolution. Empowerment through initiative, empathy and enthusiasm.

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