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Guy Masterson - Motivational Speaking, Seminars & Workshops

Motivate your workforce.
Inspire your students.

Masterson has made his name as one of the most successful solo artistes in the world and has delivered over 5000 solo performances globally. He understands the art of connecting and commanding the attention of hundreds of people. His own journey has been eventful and experiential (click here for more info)  but much of his success has come from his ability to motivate his teams and guide them to achieve more than they could have predicted.

Motivational Talks:

Guy Masterson can come to your business, school, college, university or other venue... and deliver an entertaining, fact-filled yet humorous address on one or many topics that will motivate and encourage an audience of any background or discipline to engage with their own experiences and inspire them toward personal or collective positive change. Participants will leave sessions feeling better about themselves and your organisation.

Motivational Talk Topics


For Businesses

1. Confidence - The King of Business

2. Embrace the Challenge of Change

3. Add Value not Cost

4. Good Service - Good Everything

5. Focus on the good stuff. Delegate the rest!

6. Hope, Action & Persistence

7. Invention IS Evolution

8. Charm - will get you anywhere!

For Students

1. Dream Big - Design Your Life

2. Defeat Your Demons & Thrive

3. Dig Deep - Discover your Resilience

4. Arrogance or Confidence? You choose

5. Good grades are a simple daily choice

6. Keep your eye on the big prize

Bespoke Talks

Masterson will tailor talks to your requirements which may or may not include research on topics of your choice. This might be in relation to specific training or study topics... 



Guy Masterson has extensive experience working with groups, small to large, workshopping, lecturing, participatory role-playing and troubleshooting on a variety of topics. Terms are quoted based on requirements.

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